Ardormie Farm Cottage,

Ardormie, Alyth, Blairgowrie, Perthshire, PH11 8HL (Sleeps 2)

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Tel:          01828 633047

Mobile:     07801 898682


Green Tourism Policy


As a business, Ardormie Farm Cottage is committed to good environmental practice in all business activities. We will ensure that we meet the minimum requirements set by environmental law, commit to continual improvement and fulfil our legal Duty of Care requirements for waste disposal. We will ensure that we minimise the harmful effects and maximise the beneficial influences which our activities have on the environment.

As a small self catering business, good communication is an essential part of our customer service. We aim to highlight good environmental practice and ensure visitors are aware of the part that we play in preserving the quality of this destination. We also aim to provide opportunities for visitors to take part in minimising their impact on the environment.

Unfortunately due to our rural location there is very little suitable public transport but information is available to customers on buses from Alyth and the relevant links to other forms of public transport. There is also information encouraging walking and cycling.

Ardormie Farm Cottage is committed to sustainable tourism and minimising damage to the environment. As a business, we are operating in accordance with the relevant environmental regulations.

Central heating at Ardormie Farm Cottage is provided using renewable energy in the form of an efficient biomass boiler. The boiler, which runs on sustainably produced wood pellets, is approved and accredited by Ofgem and qualifies for the Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive, a Government environmental programme designed to increase the use of renewable energy and reduce carbon emissions.

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